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Vietnam has been one of the most popular destinations for foreign investors among Southeast Asian countries in recent years. Up to now, Vietnam is a member of more than 17 FTAs ​​that have been and will be in effect or are being discussed, which will create more opportunities for businesses in Vietnam to strengthen their capacity. in all business activities.

The key factor is how businesses, with limited ability to update and interpret legal documents, can quickly adapt to the rapidly changing regulations in Vietnam.

Corporate Services is built to support all businesses, not only in the first stage in the Vietnamese market but also throughout the life of the business through solutions that comply with laws, regulations and regulations. rules and practices and implement them effectively to simplify administrative procedures.

Our Relationship Managers will guide you through each phase of the corporate lifecycle. With Business License, your corporation will have many chances to:

  • Enter new markets
  • Seek new opportunities
  • Find new customers
  • Open new facilities
  • Bid for new contracts
  • Legal Right and Brand Reputation

Key benefits of a Business License

Having a business license is beneficial to both the company and the company owner, respectively. These benefits include:

Legal protection for the company and the company’s owner

A business license allows the company to gain access to certain groups or organizations that only can be accessed with a business license.

A company with a business license can gain special tax incentives offered in that particular industry.

Boost the company’s credibility and ease customers’ concern for false advertisements.