Introduction of Payroll Service

Outsourced Payroll Service (POS) is one of OfficeworksR’s main services with the goal of helping customers build a flexible and efficient HR model. We specialize in providing a total package of payroll solutions according to international standards, combined with extensive local law knowledge and a fully automated payroll system.

Requirements of a Payroll

Specialist a payroll specialist, in addition to professional qualifications, needs to be cautious when handling work and has the necessary management and supervisory skills to fully understand the process.


If you want to become a payroll and benefits officer, you’ll need a bachelor’s degree in accounting, or payroll. You also need to have a good understanding of Labor Law, Salary Fundamentals as well as General Accounting skills. These basic knowledge is essential and required to work in relation to payroll and benefits. There are some specific public positions that need to know how to calculate salary, understanding of different reward and compensation regimes, etc.

Experience in using payroll software

The payroll process is often complicated because of the many documents and records involved. Payroll Professionals need support from payroll software to optimize processes. The use of suitable and superior payroll software will help businesses ensure data safety and security. From there, evaluating and verifying data also becomes simpler.
Expertise in office computing and other software

Payroll service professionals need to be proficient in Word and Excel to be able to collect and process data and complete important paperwork, etc. To limit data errors, payroll professionals when using Excel must understand both simple and more complex functions and word formulas.