Office WorksR

Payroll outsourcing services

Our experienced team and cloud-based software will efficiently help run your company’s payroll, keeping your staff happy and your business compliant.

Our payroll services

Initial registration for a newly registered company

We will import your employee data and prepare general templates to set up the payroll system to your specific needs, regardless of what compensation and benefits policy your company has.


What is included?

Monthly payroll calculation, processing & reporting

Each month, we will alert you to confirm essential employee details, and then handle all your payroll paperwork and payments (optional). You only need to review and approve, with all reports and documents available to you in real-time on our online platform.


What is included?

Tax compliance support

In addition to monthly payroll and SIHUI processing, we can also support the company in completing PIT obligations covering quarterly PIT declarations and annual PIT finalisations.


What is included?

HR compliance and support

Handling employment contract preparation and management, renewals via contracts or appendix, and payroll adjustments.

Monthly, quarterly, annually

What is included?

OfficeworksR benefits

Why outsource your payroll to OfficeworksR?

Reduced operating costs

Save expenses with our cost-effective payroll technology. There is no need to worry about any hidden costs as our fees are transparent and predictable. We can also decrease your spendings by combining it with other services such as HR, accounting and taxation.

Complete payroll solution

Our services will provide you with everything you will need to pay your staff accurately and on schedule, from calculating payroll and benefits through tax computation to payments, robust reporting and statutory compliance filings. Everything is customed to meet your company size and needs.

Effective communication & reporting

Make your work hassle-free and be in the loop of your payroll process with our effective payroll services, consistent reporting and communication through a single point of contact.