Introduction of Senior HR Recruitment service

With a wide understanding of the Vietnamese market, OfficeworksR’s senior HR recruitment team has a very general view of the market, as well as the ability to access great potential candidates for the job market. Well-known multinational corporations and domestic companies rely on our talent recruitment experience in most fields and industries to successfully recruit suitable management or specialist positions. Being assigned the responsibility of recruiting strategic positions is a task that OfficeworksR is very honored to accept, and by taking advantage of our strengths, we look forward to having the opportunity to cooperate and help businesses on each stage. Steps to get the best results.

Our team

OfficeworksR’s team of consultants is very reputable in the market thanks to their experience and specialized industry knowledge. To ensure our clients receive the most unbiased, reliable reviews and distinct advantages in the fields in which they operate, OfficeworksR requires each consultant to focus exclusively on one industry. With data from an extensive network of mid-level candidates and senior managers, OfficeworksR’s customers highly appreciate its market-savvy platform, efforts to deliver the best results, and quality customer service.

Why choose us?

  • The professional senior HR search and recruitment service in Vietnam.
  • Huge database with more than 200,000 mid-level candidates and above.
  • Dedicated and experienced consulting team who have knowledge about multinational corporations and large domestic companies.